A long-distance move is likely to cause damage to fragile items. Therefore, it is mandatory to maintain the integrity of fragile items while moving a long distance. Packing is considered one of the main concerns to pack your precious and fragile items. Mind you, taking care of fragile items not only keeps you on your toes but preventing damage during a move is like a mountainous task to accomplish. Henceforth, it is good to hire reliable Long distance movers in Dallas, Texas.

Here Are a Few Common Items That Need Extra Care To Prevent Damage During Long Distance Move:

Choose the right supplies, at the proper time, and follow these pro tips to prevent your valuables from damaging :

1. China dishes & Glasses

Glasses, China dishes, glassware, and plates are high-risk items, so it is better to handle them with care to prevent them from chipping or breaking during a move. Hence, it is advisable to keep the plates vertically and goblets & drinking glasses should be cushioned with a divider.

China dishes & Glasses

2. Electronic Items 

Electronic items, like Smart TVs, or monitors are easy to pack back into their original cover. If it is not available, find a box, which almost fits the electronic device. It is important to detach the cords and wires and keep them in separate boxes. Use bubble wrap to wrap it and pad it with a cushioned blanket.

3. Sporting Goods 

You will probably have to disassemble the pieces of equipment, keep the wires in a separate box and use the original boxes if you have them. Again, if you don’t have original boxes, then swaddle the equipment and pack it in the box.

4. Furniture

It is such a huge task to disassemble and reassemble the furniture and the task becomes more difficult when furniture with legs, corners, and sofa arms has to be gone through thin corridors and up and down stairs. If possible, then take apart your furniture and wrap it in bubble wrap. This way you can safely move your furniture to your location. 

5. Plants

Stop watering your plants a day before moving. It will leave the soil dry a bit and prevent it from leaking. It is good to keep the plants in boxes with holes or use the utilized bags to secure them properly. Make sure to protect loose branches while transporting.


6. Mirrors & Frames

It is important to keep the mirrors in boxes in vertical form with secured and cushioned blankets around them. Frames with bulky shapes are prone to damage, so wrap them with bubble wrap and take proper protection.

7. Home Decors

 Disassembling the items is the key to preventing them from damaging. Every valuable used for adornment like a lamp, Artwork must be disassembled,  wrapped in bubble wrap, and placed in a box or wooden crate carefully. Don’t forget the cushioning here also. 

Let’s Discuss What Is The Best Way To Prevent Your Valuables From Being Damaged:

Use Fresh & Certified Products

Don’t think about bumming the old boxes from your family, friends, or local shops. This is one of the mistakes people often do while moving which might save you little money but ultimately leave your valuables damaged or broken.

It is better to use fresh boxes with new high–quality moving boxes. Don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s box certificate stamp, which shows the reliability and sturdiness of the box. A box is considered sturdy when:

  • It can hold the maximum weight designed to bear up.
  • It is good to determine the stacking strength by Edge Crush Test, measuring how much pressure it can withstand. The higher number shows the high resisting power to the stress and strains during the moving.

Use Fresh & Certified Products 

Use Bubble Wrap

Along with a sturdy box, use double-layer bubble wrap for every fragile item. Besides enclosing fragile items from the corners, it is good to wrap the items from the top and bottom, it prevents the items from being damaged from jolting in the moving truck.

Don’t Overstuff In Cartons

Every box has a certain capacity to store the items, so it is good to not cram or overstuff the items in cartons. When you pack properly, the carton will be free from lumps and bumps, which leave your items protected. 

Use Extra Cushion- Moving Blanket

How to give extra cushion to your glassware or expensive electronics? The answer is simple extra cushioning with moving blankets. Wrap the items, which are extra delicate in moving blankets to protect the breakable parts. 

Tip: it will also prevent it from dinging when doing in and out.  

Do Not Haste The Process

Give yourself or movers and packers sufficient time to prepare for special preparations. In case, you need time to pack the fragile items, think about where to stash them in the truck. Spend your time measuring the area of the doorway with your bulky furniture or any appliances. This will help you keep in mind where you have kept the fragile items or heavy ones. 

Do Not Haste The Process

Choose The Right Box

Last but not the least, choose the right box for the item. For instance, you will be needing big boxes for frames because it will be much safer in big boxes and small boxes for china dishes or small items, as they will be able to remain intact in the moving truck.

 In The End

Packing is an indispensable part of relocating. Therefore, it is good to seek advice from professional packers & movers. If you are moving from one state to another, then it is good to hire long distance movers. Still, thoughts lingering in your mind to take the responsibility of packing on your own then follow the above-mentioned tips to take care of your precious valuables.