Moving for the first time? We understand you might be nervous. And, understandably so. Folks who have lived in one city, one house all their lives can get apprehensive and scared at the prospect of moving their entire lives to a city they don’t know much about. That fear exacerbates their stress and those people often end up making silly moving mistakes that cost them money and mental peace.

Therefore, to help first-time movers we have made a list of the most silly moving mistakes that people make. These will guide and educate you on how to avoid these silly moving mistakes and save money, time and stress during the move!

Mistake 1- Not Choosing The Right Movers And Packers

Deciding who will move and pack your things is the most important decision when it comes to a hassle-free move. If you need a mover, that will not affect your pocket a lot and yet provides all the services that you need, you’ll need to conduct thorough research and then narrow down your choice. Meeting the movers in their offices, reading past reviews, and talking over their costs and insurance policy are just some of the ways to choose a mover that is right for you. There are several local movers in Dallas TX but in order to make the correct choice, you will have to vet them each carefully armed with a list of questions you can ask them.

Not Choosing The Right Movers And Packers

Mistake 2- Not Reading The Contract Properly

One of the biggest silly moving mistakes people make while moving is not reading the contract or paperwork thoroughly. The contract contains detailed information about the total cost of the move and details about the insurance policy in place in case of any problem with your things. Therefore, don’t be lazy and read the paperwork thoroughly. If there are any hidden charges, ask your movers. If the insurance payout is very small for any possible destruction of property, that too is a red flag and it should be addressed before you have signed the document.

Mistake 3- Leaving Every Decision To The Last Minute

Ideally, as soon as you get information that you might have to move sometime soon, you should immediately start to create an inventory of the things you have along with searching for a mover. This will give you an idea about your belongings and you can pack or donate/sell them accordingly. If you leave it till the last minute, there is a slight chance that you might forget expensive items such as jewelry behind in the hassle of moving. One more advantage of packing early is that you will be able to tell the movers exactly what you have and then negotiate well.

Mistake 4- Not Fixing A Date In Advance

The expense of the move is largely dependent on the number of things to be moved, the distance of the move, and the date of the move. Leaving the decision of the day of the move till later is always a mistake because the later you make the booking with movers, the more expensive the move will get. As soon as you’re aware that you have to leave, you should start planning and hire the right mover. Dallas local movers are trustworthy and reliable and they charge less during weekdays and winter months, which is when you should plan on moving to get the most affordable prices and dedicated service.

Not Fixing A Date In Advance

Mistake 5- Not Choosing The Proper Packing Method

A common belief of first-time movers is that no matter how they pack their things, they will be safe because they are to be transported in a big private vehicle. This is not true at all. You must pack goods securely and properly with packing tape with no visible gaps, through which they can escape during transit. This ensures two things. The first is that the goods packed will not be damaged if they fall through a badly packed box. The second is a sense of security about its contents when they see it packed securely when it is unloaded. Therefore, it is advisable to use tape liberally to secure the boxes as well as pick hard cardboard boxes that won’t fall apart easily.

Mistake 6- Not Doing Your Due Diligence About The New Place

Necessities like grocery stores, schools, and hospitals among others are needed to function well in everyday life. Therefore, it is crucial to search for the nearest grocery stores, and hospitals when moving to a new place. You should also look into the neighborhood you are about to move into as bad/troublesome neighbors are no one’s requirement.

Mistake 7- Bringing Everything Along

It is a huge mistake to pack everything you own to take to your new place unless you’re not a fan of hoarding things (Which let’s face it, even the best of us have trouble with sometimes). Trust us, when we say, it is easier and more cost-effective to buy bulky things from a new place and sell your old things before the move. You should also avoid packing in all the clutter that often lies at the back of our cupboards unseen and with no thought of till we see it during the assembling and packing of things. Your policy during a move should be to sell or donate, whatever you don’t need or can buy again easily.

We hope you will be able to learn something from these silly moving mistakes by others and have a good experience with the move.

Bringing Everything Along