Moving is a tricky task. It needs much meticulous planning before the big day! There are several complex tasks involved in moving, like segregating belongings, packing things, and mainly packing the heavy & delicate furniture pieces. Moving furniture is the most challenging part of moving. You have to be careful about so many things. Indeed, it is not at all a child’s play.

Here in this blog, we will tell you a few do’s and don’ts of moving to avoid furniture harm and other losses. Before that, consider the following things at the time of moving:

  1. Disassemble half or complete furniture piece
  2. Cover the corners perfectly so that they don’t get scratched or broken during the transit
  3. Remove and slide the furniture smoothly through doors, etc. 

Now that you know the basics which you must do at the time of your packing and moving; let’s jump onto the tips to avoid furniture harm. 

7 Do’s And Don’ts For Safely Moving Furniture During Your Next Move:

To make your task easy, we have curated a list of safety tips for moving furniture that will simplify your furniture packing during your next move. Keep reading.

Do’s While Moving The Furniture-

1) Inventory – Make a list of all the furniture pieces you own and decide what to do with each one. Ask these questions while you do the stock –

  • Is this piece of furniture worth carrying? Or can I buy a cheaper one than the cost of moving involved in moving this piece?
  • Is the furniture antique, or does it have any sentiments attached to it? The piano you have might have some old memories attached to it – like the first song you played.
  • Is it too delicate to move or should it be sold and a new one be bought?

Consider the current condition, quality, functionality, usefulness, and sentimental value, and move it.

Do's While Moving The Furniture

2) Test The Interiors – Design the new home’s floor plan, and determine whether your furniture needs to be moved there. There are times when moving furniture across the country isn’t just about increasing moving costs but also about furniture that may not match the interior of the new apartment or house or even be too big.

3) Disassemble Large Furniture Pieces – They should be disassembled, which are too large to pass through doorways or around corners like tables, beds, etc. What do you think is the best way to do that? Review the construction manual of the furniture in question and follow the steps in descending order. You can ask someone in the reach to help you out.

4) Wrap It Up – You should not put the wrapping tape directly on the edges of your furniture. Instead, you should wrap it with a wrapping blanket, add bubble wrap, and then put wrapping tape around it. It will prevent furniture from all sorts of transit damage.

5) Transport Heavy Items With A Furniture Dolly – A furniture dolly is a two-wheeled, L-shaped handcart. A professional mover even recommends a furniture dolly. Alternatively, you can rent one from a moving company.

6) Use Moving Straps- Professional movers use moving straps to move heavy furniture efficiently. As they say, shifting the weight to a more powerful muscle group in your body will save you from serious injury.

7) Hire Professional Furniture Movers – Moving furniture is difficult and all the equipment you would pick on rent for them will probably cost you more than a professional furniture mover will charge. If you want to move your furniture without any chaos and mishappening, you must hire Dallas professional furniture movers.

These were the Dos. Now let’s check what you should strictly avoid doing while moving furniture.

Don’t While Moving The Furniture-

1) Be Hasty – Take your time moving large furniture and ensure it will fit through the door and around tight corners. It’s just a matter of measuring the furniture unit, then measuring the doorways and seeing whether it will go smoothly. Rushing could cause you to get stuck halfway and lose hours trying to fix it.

2) Leave Fragile Items Loose Inside The Drawer- Make sure you don’t pack breakable items in the drawers or cabinets of furniture you’re moving. It may save you time, but the fragile items will be at risk of getting broken if they shift inside the closed spaces wholly unprotected. If you pack those delicate items separately, their wellbeing will be ensured through the entire house-moving process.

3) Keep The Furniture Unprotected- Ensure that thick furniture pads protect all furniture surfaces. Insufficient protection for beds, couches, dressers, bookcases, and china cabinets, especially when those units will be on the road for many days, furniture such as desks, tables, and chairs adds to the risk of damage. The best policy is to be safe rather than sorry and not simply hope nothing terrible will happen to your valuable furniture.

Don't While Moving The Furniture

4) Be A One-Person Army – Moving heavy and bulky furniture up and down stairs is the most dangerous aspect of moving furniture. A professional furniture mover is strongly advised unless you have several reliable helpers to assist you.

5) Be Optimistic About Your Property Not Getting Damaged – If you are moving, don’t assume you won’t experience property damage. When you least expect it, scratched floors, chipped walls, and broken furniture can occur in an instant. Consider using furniture sliders and a moving dolly, wrapping your furniture in thick blankets, and even taping sheets of thick cardboard over areas prone to damage, such as the corners of doorways and walls.

6) Try To squeeze Furniture Forcefully Through Small Spaces – You can do this only when you want to break the costly furniture! But soft sofas and couches can be squeezed in. You just have to ensure the smooth sides won’t be damaged when you compress them.

7) Start The Moving Process Without Planning –  Make sure you know how to protect your large items before you begin moving furniture. To pack furniture for moving, you’ll need more than packing supplies. You must know the packing process too.


Always remember that your safety and those around you should be your top priority. We want you to follow these tips to make moving a less hazardous task for you. If you want to move out and are looking for furniture movers in Dallas to avoid all the moving stress, you can trust us with the job.