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Moving your office in Lubbock can seem like a major undertaking. “How do I get everything moved and still keep things running?” I can seem overwhelming. You have to approach it one step at a time and before you know it – you are set up in your new office feeling pretty good about the transition. Make sure you book your office movers in Lubbock well in advance so that they also have time to prepare for your particular needs.

Plan Ahead For Your Office Move

Office Movers in LubbockOffices are different from a residential home or apartment. There are many things that should be done before you move into your new office. Simple things like installing new phone lines, your internet service and lines, where will you be setting up office furniture, do you need more furniture than you currently have etc.? If you have a larger company, then, you will need to start early – tackling these task one at a time so you are not overwhelmed on moving day.

Get Rid of Outdated Stuff

Moving your Lubbock office is the perfect opportunity for a fresh new look. That might mean newer supplies, more furniture for the newer office, or even a whole new phone and/or computer system. In all moves, the less stuff that needs to be moved, the less it will cost and the easier and more efficient the move is. You should , in advance, determine whether or not your older desks, chairs, cabinets, etc.. are the right fit for your new office. If you are expanding then maybe some new stuff will help your mindset. Out with the old and in with the new!

Make Sure Your Employees are Prepared

Send out an email to all employees letting them know about your upcoming move. Let them know your plans as a company and each persons role in the move. Create a sharable “Task” folder that you can update daily with checklist for each employee. Maybe you will need some employees at the new place days or even weeks in advance to keep things running smooth then the others can follow. Your office move is unique so it will require the whole company to get involved – if it is a larger company. Maybe have several meeting times to get ideas from your people. They may save you time and money by giving input on something you have not even considered!

Your Office Movers in Lubbock

Your local office movers in Lubbock are experienced in relocating offices (Obviously) so get them involved. Ask them questions. Even though they may have never moved “Your” office – they have have moved many others so they can help you plan. They can come out, in advance, take an inventory, and help you set up a more efficient schedule so your down time is kept to a minimum. Time is money so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Moving Company Guys has tons of experience with moving offices. Our CRM will allow you to get on our schedule weeks and months in advance so planning will not be a stressful issue. Call us today at ‪(972) 528-0385 or go to the main page of our website and fill out our short form to get a quote.

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