Pianos – who doesn’t love the sweet, melodious tunes that one can compose on it? However, grand pianos are huge instruments with many delicate and potentially breakable parts.  It might be a good idea to hire professional piano movers or ask a couple of friends to help you move the piano since a grand piano is too heavy for you to do on your own. In particular, this applies if you need to move the piano down steps, or through tight spaces. Here are some pro tips for moving the grand piano you can consider while moving.

Tips For Moving Piano Safely

The first step in moving a grand piano is to disassemble all the parts that can be removed from the body of the piano and pack them safely. After wrapping every part safely, place it on a moving pad or blanket. Make sure the grand piano is firmly strapped upright in the moving truck’s body to avoid damage. Let’s understand in detail.

1. Seek Assistance

Not only are pianos heavy, but they also must be lifted carefully. You’ll need a few extra hands to lift uprights since they carry all their weight on the top half and their legs and feet are fragile.

Grand Piano Safely

To move an upright piano properly and safely, you will need at least four people. Taking advantage of this opportunity is a great way to ask friends and family for help. In return for their help, be sure to offer them something for their time and effort, even if it’s just a lunch or a favor. You can hire professional piano movers to simplify your task. The Dallas piano movers can be your right choice if you are someone from the state and looking for moving your piano across the city.

2. Equip Yourself With The Right Tools

The piano can be better held with straps that are heavy-duty. As well as a furniture dolly, you may need a piano trolley. Additionally, straps can be used to secure the piano to the dolly and in the moving truck.

Consider renting a moving truck from a moving supply centre or renting a moving truck if you’re in doubt. Your piano moving specialist will direct you to the right tools and provide recommendations based on the type of piano you’ll be moving.

The piano should also be protected from bumps with padding or moving blankets. In addition to protecting walls from cracks and scrapes, this will also prevent them from getting damaged.

3. Protect The Keyboard

The basic step in moving a grand piano is to close and tightly lock the keyboard lid. As a result, it will not open during the move. It is important to protect the keys as they are fragile.

Make sure that when wrapping the piano, the keyboard lid is closed. Likewise, don’t tape the lid closed to prevent damage to the wood.

4. Wrap The Piano Properly

Wrap the piano properly with blankets or padding, to help protect it while moving. Make sure the corners are well covered, protected, and the blanket is secured and sealed with packing tape.

It is important that you choose a blanket or padding that is thick enough to stop the piano from being damaged.

5. Lifting The Piano Delicately

Be sincere in following these tips for moving pianos safely to ensure utmost security. Remember not to lift the piano by its legs when moving it into position, whether it’s onto a furniture dolly, on a truck, or anywhere else within the house. There is a great deal of vulnerability in the legs. Maintain an upright position for the piano as well. It’s not good for its inner mechanics if you lay it on its side. Here is the correct way of lifting a piano –

  1. Place two people on each end of the piano and place the moving straps under its bottom.
  2. The piano should now be lifted onto the furniture dolly by four people, each holding one end of each strap.
  3. Ensure that the piano legs are flat on the dolly now by securing it.
  4. You should either lock the piano’s casters (if possible) or secure the piano well if the piano has wheels.

6.  Securing It In The Truck Properly

After packing the grand Piano comes the step of placing it in the truck. Here is how you should do it correctly without damaging the Piano.

  1. Pianos should be placed at the back of the moving truck, next to the wall separating the interior cab from the cargo area. As soon as you arrive at the new location, you will unload the piece as the last thing you pack.
  2. For level flooring in truck spaces, piano movers recommend wood planks. As a result, the casters and piano legs are relieved of stress during the move. If you use planks for the back wall, make sure they are covered with them.
  3. Simply Use the piano dolly to lift the piano onto the plank
  4. Make the use of the moving straps to secure the piano to the truck wall.
  5. Check to make sure that the piano is tied properly and is unable to roll around or tip while the truck is moving.

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7. Pre-Decide The Exact Spot Of Moving The Piano

Ensure you know exactly where the piano will go in your new home before you move in. In order to protect it from the cold and damp, it should be located against a wall, preferably an inside wall. Following the above steps, reverse them. If you’re negotiating stairs, elevators, or a tight space, call a professional.

8. Get It Tuned

The piano is a delicate instrument. Each time it is moved, it will need to be tuned. This is because their inner workings are sensitive to movements and bumps. You will need a professional tuner to have it tuned to make it sound perfect again.


You can not ignore the delicate nature of the grand piano while moving and therefore, you should choose to hire professional piano movers to simplify this herculean task. The piano movers in Dallas TX, are well trained to lift your piano and move it to the desired location across the city with utmost safety. You can know more about us here.