Moving can be a tedious task. To make it happen smoothly you need to do a lot of ground runs. You need to plan before the day arrives. We all know this and we all prepare for the big day well in advance. We make a plan for how to transport the mattress, couches, pianos, cupboards, etc. But if you own a gun, making a moving plan for your gun safe is also essential.

Some Handy Tips For Moving A Gun Safe Into Your New Home:

1. Plan It Out 

Handgun safes are easy to transport, but gun safes that hold several larger guns can weigh anywhere from 200 to 1,000 pounds. It’s not exactly the sort of thing you can throw in the back of a moving truck. Before you begin to move your gun safe, plan your steps. Make lists of covering stuff you will need to protect your floors, and find out how many corners and turns you will have to carry the safe through your old as well as a new house. This is the right time to decide whether you plan to move the safe by yourself or hire gun-safe movers.

Plan It Out 

2. Hire A Professional Safe Mover

Considering the heavyweights of the gun safes, you certainly wouldn’t want to drop it on your foot, would you? Many homeowners prefer to hire local gun-safe movers rather than move their gun safe themselves because of the safety risks involved.

Moving and reinstalling your gun safe without causing damage to your home or property is a job best left to professionals with ample experience and tools. Furthermore, safe moving companies use trucks and equipment designed to handle heavy loads efficiently.

So, if you are from Dallas, you don’t have to have to waste your precious time finding the gun-safe movers when the  Dallas gun-safe moving service is there to hold your back.

3. Make Sure Your Flooring Is Protected

When moving a gun safe, the primary concern is scratching the floor surface and placing excessive weight on an unstable location.

It is important to protect your flooring when moving any safe in order to avoid future floor repairs. In order to prevent dragging the weight across the floor, a pro safe moving company will use a track system to lift and move the safe. Invest in furniture blankets and other protective materials if you’re tackling the safe move on your own. If the safe comes into contact with a wall or doorway while being removed, you may want to pad them.

4. Make Sure The Safe Is Empty Before Moving It

In general, you want to make furniture as light as possible before moving it, and the same is true for safes. Empty your gun safe before the move to reduce the weight of the strongbox. Additionally, you will prevent any valuable contents from being damaged during transportation. 

Make sure you arrange for a safe and secure method of transporting the safe’s contents from one place to another.

There will be some restrictions on the placement of the hard surface, and it will be especially difficult to place it in tight corners. Make sure that you move the safe slowly and through the unprotected areas of the floor. As a result, it will be less likely to be scratched.

Make Sure The Safe Is Empty Before Moving It

5. Take It Slow

Just as you plan the steps of moving the gun safe out, it’s equally important to plan the process of moving in. 

Share your moving plan—including the exit route and possible obstructions—with your moving team ahead of time and check in with them throughout the process. Before lifting the safe, you must agree to a warning signal that will alert others if there’s an issue. The most crucial thing is to take it slowly and steadily.

6. Lock The Safe Door Properly

It may seem like a cartoon scene if safe door swings open and hits a wall mid-move, but it does happen. Make sure the safe’s door is fully closed and locked before anyone lifts it off the ground. In this way, the moving team and the surrounding area will be protected from any safety hazards associated with the door.

7. Rent A Furniture Dolly

A pro-safe mover can help you move the safe, but if you don’t want to hire one, you’ll need the right equipment to accomplish the task.

Fortunately, moving companies rent moving tools easily. Moving and securing a gun safely requires a strong appliance dolly or hand truck, straps, and heavy-duty ropes. The moving company can recommend the right size equipment based on your safe’s dimensions and weight.

Rent A Furniture Dolly

8. Make Sure Any Stairs Along The Route Can Support The Weight

Moving a gun safe down the stairs is necessary if the safe is upstairs. In some cases, it’s not as simple as loading it onto a moving dolly or hand truck and easing it down. Stairs aren’t designed to support extremely heavy loads, unlike flooring. When attempting to move something too heavy, it’s not uncommon to wind up with a repair bill for the stairs. A hand truck can be used to move gun safes safely down the stairs:

  • Make sure that nobody comes in the way while you move the gun safe. This will reduce the risk and probability of injury.
  • You can lose your balance if you tilt the hand truck too far back while going downstairs. Therefore, don’t tilt.
  • Keep the wheels straight on the stairs and obstacles to avoid tipping.

9. Prepare A Hard Surface By Laying Down Padding

Padding can be provided by a rolling mat or more blankets. In addition to protecting the floor surface, the padding provides a little cushion. In addition, it serves as a barrier and a base for a hard surface that will do the real work of protecting the floor. It is ideal to use steel sheets as the hard surface. As a result, the safe’s weight will be distributed over its entire surface and will be less likely to put pressure on your floor. Under heavy loads, plywood tends to crack.


If you have a huge gun safe, don’t try to move it on your own. Seeks help from professional gun-safe movers to simplify your task.