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Furniture-Assembly Movers Dallas, TX

Furniture assembly moving is always included with our moving. When moving home, there are usually large pieces of furniture to move. Transporting them becomes simpler when they are taken down. Dismantled furniture is easier to pick up and transport. Flat packed furniture can even be packed away. However, it takes an local moving expert to take down and put up your furniture safely. When moving large pieces, we dismantle furniture only if it is too large to be taken through the door frame. Typically, beds and wardrobes are dismantled and their pieces padded before we load them onto the van. All smaller furniture items are moved as they are, and padded once loaded. Your furniture assembly moving team comes equipped with tools including electric screwdrivers, to make the service a speedy one.

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We offer furniture assembly in Dallas. Washing machines and dishwashers are also reconnected for you. This is only possible if the connectors used in the property you are moving from, match with the connectors installed at the property you are moving to.

More complex works, such as removal and reinstatement of the wall bracket for your flat-screen TV, can be arranged with your removal supervisor prior to the moving day. Contact Moving Company Guys – Dallas now to discuss your furniture assembly moving service needs.

Furniture-Assembly Movers Dallas, TX

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You can also order this service on its own. For example, we can assemble your new IKEA set of wardrobes. If you have bought new furniture and you need it set up, give us a call. Our skilled removals team can attend your home with the right tools and equipment. We’ll soon have the item assembled and ready to use.

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Plus, we can come and dismantle furniture you no longer want. Whether you are replacing your wardrobes or selling your old bookshelves, we can take down the items safely and quickly for you. For furniture assembly or dismantling, contact Barnet Removals today!

Furniture Assembly Dallas, TX

Moving Company Guys – Dallas’ team of furniture-assembly movers that can accommodate any type of case goods or modular furniture. Moving Company Guys – Dallas has the skill set to accommodate any type of assembly requirement, regardless of the types of furniture or modular based furniture you have. Whatever the size or complexity of your project, Moving Company Guys – Dallas can take on the challenge.

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We work for every furniture-assembly moving industry to support seamless and streamlined installation services for your project. From furniture to fixtures, Moving Company Guys – Dallas can assist in installing your assets at the highest level of care and professionalism.

From start to finish we will undergo your moving experience right along with you! You can call us anytime for questions and a highly trained crew leader will be on each and every move. When an individual or business plans a relocation, there can be so many things that require a lot of thought and decision making and at Moving Company Guys we are here to help and assist with all those hard tasks!

We take pride in our professionalism and strive to be one of the premier moving services in the DFW area.

You will be notified before, during, and after the move to guarantee our commitment to making your relocation go as smooth as possible.